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Direct Response TV Update – Response Expo

June 9, 2012

Response Expo 2012 brought together the top Direct Response TV professionals, Infomercial Producers and TV Media giants all at one great trade conference. InfoWorx Direct has attended every one of these since they started 6 years ago. We sponsored the Inventor’s Pavilion and I moderated a blue ribbon panel of Direct Response and DR marketing geniuses. I want to thank my great friends John Yarrington, who runs the Response Expo and Jenny Lawlor, who works with Inventor’s full time.

We met with Comcast, MTV, DirecTV, Turner Broadcasting, ESPN, Bounce and others to solidify those all-important media relationships and, of course, attended lots of cocktail parties at the Hard Rock and the Hilton Bayfront. It was phenomenal to see some of my dearest friends and colleagues and competitors – I love the Direct Response industry!

Each year, I try to help inventor and product developers learn more about what it takes to sell a product on TV and roll it out. Last year, I gave a DRTV 101 presentation that covered the basics. This year, 2012, I wanted to put together a blue ribbon panel of DRTV superheroes and have each of them explain an aspect of Direct Response Television marketing. BJ Fazielli of BJ Global Direct explained cost of goods and overseas sourcing. Al Diem, of Hampton Direct, explained licensing deals and royalties, Doug Frankel, of Broadcast Communications Media, explained media metrics and testing philosophies and Manish Israni, of Telebrands, spoke about the Telebrands product evaluation process and how inventors should pitch their products effectively. I asked some tough questions of the panel because I promised the audience high level information that they could not get anywhere else.

Here are five trends and tips learned from Response Expo 2012:

1. TV still reaches a mass audience and can target specific niches in a way that no other medium does. For any type of full roll out – marketers need TV.

2. Media rates have remained fairly flat, but the economy seems to be doing a little better.

3. Great DR marketers are working on new tracking and metric models as TV drives consumers to traditional inbound telemarketing as well as web, mobile and home shopping. New methods are being developed to track the web sales generated by TV. Traditional MER metrics just calculated from telephone calls do not give the full picture.

4. Hispanic DRTV marketing requires a specialist and many Hispanic homes still speak Spanish at home to preserve the culture even though they speak good English.

5. Celebrities can help – but they must be right for the product and must love the product.

Please check out my DRTV Media blog here for the latest news, updates and trends in the wacky, wonderful world of Infomercials and Direct Response.


Ronald Perlstein – TV Infomercial Producer

December 21, 2008

Of my blogs …..this is the most personal, but all of them can assist entrepreneurs understand TV infomercials, direct marketing, and how to get the most for their marketing buck.  So if you like learning about long form infomercials, how to make money with TV, or the cost of infomercial production my blogs can help.

I’ve produced more long form infomericals then I can count and the number of short form productions is beyond my memory, but I can tell you one thing….it’s not that easy to get a hit show or spot.  You need a an expert, someone who knows the right way to test a product and will tell you the best infomercial media strategy as well.

So when I said this was the most personal of my blogs, I meant that this is my blog where I can be more open, looser, and let my readers know that I care….I want your products to succeed!!!  TV Infomercials is still probably the easiest and cheapest method to launch a product nationwide in this great country.  It’s all about the numbers….the ROI. TV Infomercials still have more reach and better conversions then the Internet, although we use the Internet for more then a third of our sales. And now we can show you how to webcast your infomercial globally for a fraction of broadcast costs….although it is not as simple as it sounds.

Remember, there is much power in the half hour. Long form infomercials can convert more viewers into customers faster then any other marketing method.  It’s a TV show, and people, if they are interested in your information will stop and listen….for about 9 seconds. That’s it….you have 9 seconds to grab them and keep them watching.   At InfoWorx, you can create a compelling, successful, profitable half hour infomercial for about $30,000.00.  We also know how to buy media at a fraction of the rates other media companies pay.  Stay tuned….