Ronald Perlstein

President and Executive Producer

President and Executive Producer

About Me

In 1992, I launched Concept Media (later renamed InfoWorx) to focus on the most measurable form of advertising, direct response television. In its 16 years of business, my direct response and infomercial marketing company has achieved international success. InfoWorx’ Turnkey DRTV approach has led to marked success for both established companies breaking into the direct response arena and newcomers looking to build initial brand awareness via DRTV. We changed the name from Concept Media to Infoworx in the summer of 2002 to reflect the company’s evolving turnkey infomarketing business philosophy. Infoworx is the only company that markets products from script to sales in a cost effective manner that gives the client total control of their product and the profits. We believe that DRTV success depends on much more than producing an infomercial: it’s all about securing the largest market share in the shortest amount of time, putting the least amount of money at risk…thus the evolution from infomercial production to infomarketing.


One Response to “Ronald Perlstein”

  1. jackson madnick Says:

    Hi Ron,

    I would like to talk to you about doing an infomercial about our product…Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed. It is a break through lawn seed product you only cut once a month and seldom or never water after it is established. It never needs chemical fertilizer so it is healthier for children, pets and our planet. It is now sold in Whole Foods Markets in many states. We have pasted 5,000 lawns all across the country and have received 34 favorable and rave reviews by the experts and media including This Old House Magazine, NPR radio, Boston Globe Newspaper, National Gardeners Assoc, ABC and FOX TV, etc, etc..

    I need to discuss whether this would sell in a short or long format and suggested production and TV air time, radio and internet costs and what would be the best value for the expense to do a trial ballon of this. We are going for angel investment and need to get our hands around the minimum costs needed asap.

    I a former career, I produced/directed or shot around 250 tv commercials, 60 industrial films and videos and shot news for CBS…so I know a little about the production end of this…but of course not the infomercial things as you do.

    My cousin, Dick Botway used to be one of the largest media buyers in the country, who is retired and may be able to assist.

    When you go to our web site please click on the ABCTV Chronicle News show story on our product.

    However we are a start up on a tight budget, so we need to know some minimum costs to find out if this medium will work for out break through lawn seed.

    Please call me asap as we are pitching angel investment groups this Friday.


    Best Regards, Jackson 508-653-0800 or mobile 508-309-8123

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