Ronald Perlstein – TV Infomercial Producer

Of my blogs …..this is the most personal, but all of them can assist entrepreneurs understand TV infomercials, direct marketing, and how to get the most for their marketing buck.  So if you like learning about long form infomercials, how to make money with TV, or the cost of infomercial production my blogs can help.

I’ve produced more long form infomericals then I can count and the number of short form productions is beyond my memory, but I can tell you one thing….it’s not that easy to get a hit show or spot.  You need a an expert, someone who knows the right way to test a product and will tell you the best infomercial media strategy as well.

So when I said this was the most personal of my blogs, I meant that this is my blog where I can be more open, looser, and let my readers know that I care….I want your products to succeed!!!  TV Infomercials is still probably the easiest and cheapest method to launch a product nationwide in this great country.  It’s all about the numbers….the ROI. TV Infomercials still have more reach and better conversions then the Internet, although we use the Internet for more then a third of our sales. And now we can show you how to webcast your infomercial globally for a fraction of broadcast costs….although it is not as simple as it sounds.

Remember, there is much power in the half hour. Long form infomercials can convert more viewers into customers faster then any other marketing method.  It’s a TV show, and people, if they are interested in your information will stop and listen….for about 9 seconds. That’s it….you have 9 seconds to grab them and keep them watching.   At InfoWorx, you can create a compelling, successful, profitable half hour infomercial for about $30,000.00.  We also know how to buy media at a fraction of the rates other media companies pay.  Stay tuned….


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  1. Mark Anderson Says:

    I just wanted to say that, this is a great blog and to keep up the good work!

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